Bonnie joined the Pulse Cycling team after being a fitness instructor for 19 years! She started teaching spin classes 5 years ago, and enjoys the workout you can get while on the bike. When she joined Pulse she loved the cozy atmosphere and the overall cleanliness.

When Bonnie teaches, she wants to make sure to engage all clients to ensure they are having an enjoyable ride. Her classes are full of energy, with a lot of intensity but are also a lot of fun. Her music is a combination of both old and new hits. She uses a lot of mash-ups, making each workout, or drill as upbeat as possible.


Quick Tip: To get the most out of your spin classes make sure tp wear the proper gear. Padded shorts are great for new riders to get used to the bikes. Cycling shoes are not mandatory but make a huge difference when riding, you'd be surprised at how much energy you save wearing clips!

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