Doug has been teaching spin for over 10 years. Doug’s passion for music is evident in his class. His music choices range through all genres and eras. His class style is all based on the speed of the music, which is simple but effective. He doesn't feel the need for his class to be very fancy in order to get the results we want. 


Doug loves the modern and clean studio at Pulse. He enjoys coming in to teach and seeing all the friendly faces that make up the Pulse community. Doug encourages all of the riders taking his class to relax, listen to the music and have fun. His number 1 piece of advice for new riders is to start easy and slowly start to challenge yourself more as you progress. 


Did you know… ?Doug has worn many hats throughout his career. From broadcast and radio DJ-ing to singing in an Acappella Quartet! You can often catch him singing along to his fun music. Doug is now retired and living life to the fullest!