Front Desk + Instructor

Emma started out at Pulse as one of our welcoming front desk staff, but she loved the exhilaration and challenge of the spin classes so much she decided to start teaching them! When it comes to exercise, many people just don't know where to start. Working up the courage to walk into a new studio and try something different for the first time can be very difficult. Emma leads spin classes because she loves empowering people to feel strong, healthy and comfortable in their own skin.


Emma's classes are encouraging, inclusive, and fun.You can expect a challenge but also come ready to smile! Her music is a mix of indie pop, rock, and the occasional 90's tune. Anything fun and upbeat!


Quick Tip: Fuel your body appropriately! Complex carbohydrates a couple hours before class will help you exercise longer and faster. After class, a snack or meal high in protein and carbohydrates is essential for repairing muscle. And keep yourself well-hydrated with plenty of water!

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