Ready, Set, Ride

Summer 2021 reopening studio policies

Starting in July BC's reopening plan has given all fitness facilities permission to reopen at normal capacity. [For details on BC's reopening plan CLICK HERE.]

However, we understand that you may feel a bit hesitant to resume to your pre-COVID activities. So together we are going to take some small steps to help guide everyone one back.
If you are ready to get back on the bike then we want you to know that we are taking the extra precautions to make you feel more comfortable.

less bikes for extra space and breathing room

high volume air flow

masks only worn before and after class

same exhilarating workouts

We now have permission to remove the 2 meter spacing, however, we understand that everyone would like to have their individual space. So for now we are limiting the capacity and providing a generous space between each bike for your comfort and piece of mind. 

Our cross ventilation with the aide of our exhaust fan has always been a huge asset, and it will continue to be an essential tool going forward. 
With the use of our cross ventilation system we can circulate in fresh air every 2 minutes.

As of now the mask mandate has been lifted. However, for now we ask that your arrive with your mask  on and only remove it when it is time for the workout to begin. We will let your know when we have reached a time to go completely mask-less. 

To avoid unnecessary post-class traffic please leave all used towels and shoes by your bike. They will be collected and cleaned when the studio is empty. 

Arrive early and ready for the workout you have been missing all year.